Technology and Jobs

With the entrance of technology in every field, the education sector is not remaining far from new technological development in their field. Now advanced mode of education is possible with technological development. Technology has entered in various fields like teaching, instructional, behavioural and instrumental design. Most important activity in education sector is teaching whether main aim of teaching is overall development of child. Teaching is both arts as well science. Technology for teaching has been developed with help of modification brought up in teaching mode, skills, feedback devices, learning devices. Four basic elements basically involved in teaching are planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

From e-books, to teaching software, live online classes, online tests, online admission process, online answer sheets and feed backs, online query solving facility etch have made education quite simple process in itself. Now people don’t have to wait for long to get results and to stay in array for getting admission. It has also reduced use of paper to great extent which has helped to conserve forest in other way.