Government Business Funding


There are many different government schemes for businesses and that doesn’t just relate to loans; grants are also obtainable. A grant is essentially money that doesn’t need to be paid back, it’s ‘granted’ to you, and some government-backed grants can be offered if you’re business is supporting society.

You don’t necessarily have to be a charity organisation to acquire grants, and grants can be given out for your businesses involvement in a good cause. If your company is environmentally friendly and one of your main aims is to raise awareness, than grants can be awarded to your business for its efforts, and this is just one example. There are many possibilities out there, but it must be said that they’re not handed out lightly.

If your business ffers apprenticeship positions and helps young individual find jobs and develop, then you may come away with a recognition award, which usually means a nice healthy sum of money. Think about the many funding opportunities because you may be unaware of a certain form of funding that you’re entitled to.